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The Devil in Silver

As much as I try not to be literary snob, I am. Romance, mystery, horror, western, sci-fi, unless it’s for class, I make it a point to steer clear of. For me, it’s not the genre itself that is a turn off, but the level of writing, plot development and lack of compelling characters always breaks my heart.

Yeah, the previous post was about Lauren Conrad’s “literary work,” so I guess I am making progress in enjoying genre books for what they are.

Enter Colson Whitehead and Victor LaValle.

Although both have written zombie/horror novels in the last year, Zone One and The Devil in Silver, I’d categorize them as literary genre works because of the elevated level that they’re written.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been enjoying LaValle’s work to the point where I’ve been reading it slower so I could enjoy the last third of the book.


Pepper is a hot tempered guy who finds himself in a 72-hour hold at a mental hospital because he got into a fight with three police officers.

Pepper isn’t crazy (he thinks), but because the cops don’t feel like processing him at the police station, they drop him off at the metal ward.

It’s one thing to be a mental hospital against your will, it’s another to be there because of lazy cops, and instead of Pepper laying cool until his 72 hours are up, he gets in a string of fights that extend his stay for months.

To make matters worse, the patients are under the impression that the Devil is haunting…living…er…trapped with them in the ward as well.

This book is worth the read and LaValle’s writing is so funny and so crisp that much of the book has been highlighted.

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Where the F*@! I’ve Been and Other Tales

I know you all have been waiting with bated breath on my whereabouts and what has happened to this site. In October I got a job that required me to train in another state, making me miss a week of school. After training I became a “part-time” student and began working. I’m doing technology integration for a school.

Then I had two jobs. Yay.

Working over 40 hours a week left me tired, not physically tired, but after dealing with students and teachers and computer screens all day, coming home and being on my laptop for a few more hours wasn’t a priority. Sadly, my thesis always was pushed back and graduation.

Fast forward to the end of February, after taking off a few days of work and drinking my weight in Red Bull, the first draft of my thesis was completed. Another yay.

Then disaster struck. Literally.

The program that funded my job furloughed us for two weeks. As I was packing my bag for my “forced vacation,” I had grand plans of finishing all my posts and being awesome. None of that happened. I think I loafed around the couch reading books and trolling Goodreads like it was a porn site.

After the two weeks, we were told the program was disbanding, and it would take another three weeks before I could get rehired by the school part-time. This, dear readers, is employment limbo.

So another three weeks of loafing, reading and avoiding the web site. However, the school where I was working hired me part-time, so this is where I am. Until the summer where my other teaching job starts back again.

Good Morning New Readers


BlackFaceType came to me as a name and web site out of my want to find more literary discussions and suggestions on black literary writers. For me, everything I found was either urban lit or religious fiction–neither I am a fan of. On mainstream sites, Toni Morrison, Zadie Smith and Colson Whitehead made up the trilogy of black writers up for discussion.

But there is more out there and this site’s goal is to introduce readers to writers who by definition are “others.” Writers who deal with sexuality, race, economics, religion and humor to illustrate their world as they see and wish it where.

That is not to say we won’t discuss other types of writers because we live in a world where everyone must exist–though they might not want to–together.

If you are interested in writing for or submitting books to the site, please feel free to send them along. I can be reached at

Thank you


Thanks for coming to the site! We are set to go live on: September 12, 2012!